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I have 15+ years of experience facilitating lean process improvements in both Office and Operations areas of various organizations.  I believe you can design processes that improve both the customer's experience and the employee's experience which will enable your company to meet and exceed their goals.   I lead with passion, positivity and a conviction that every process can be made better with a culture of continuous improvement.  

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“Susan is fantastic. She has an incredible ability to break down complex issues into simple chunks for my team to understand. Her energy and positive attitude is contagious. She’s helped my engineering team to develop a clearer picture of the issues and how to overcome them. She’s passionate about her work, professional and a pleasure to work with.”

~ Dean Houdeshell 

Director of Engineering, Cementech

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Continuous Improvement using Lean principles, Event Facilitation, Training and Speaking are all core competencies of Sparker Solutions consulting.   

Whether you are a Non-Profit, Private or Public Organization, Sparker Solutions will deliver the results you need and ignite your organizational fire. 

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